New AxialHealth Vpass To Democratise COVID Testing Across The World

New AxialHealth Vpass To Democratise COVID Testing Across The World
  • AxialHealth launches Vpass, an app to track and trace for Covid test
  • Available for personal use and for businesses looking to ensure their employees are Covid safe
  • Backed by Skymind – the world’s first AI ecosystem builder that invests in AI companies, and is headquartered in London

AxialHealth, the company ventured by Skymind that provides AI-driven solutions for hospitals and research facilities, today announced the launch of the Vpass app in an effort to democratise Covid tracking and testing around the world.

Designed in response to the pandemic and the fact that testing remains expensive in many parts of the world, Vpass provides a convenient Covid diagnosis via self-screening in collaboration with dispenser machines through partner outlets in multiple locations. It also uses artificial intelligence to validate test results and create a ‘green Vpass’ for negative results, meaning that people can travel and socialise safely.

Unlike the UK, where testing can be done for free, there are several countries such as Indonesia where tests can cost anywhere up to $60 (USD) and are difficult to source unless the patient is presenting symptoms. In Malaysia, a PCR test can cost between $70-100 which leads to many people not being able to afford regular screening of the virus.

With the launch of AxialHealth’s next-generation Covid test however, users can get tested for the price of a cup of coffee in under five minutes.

All they need to do is download the Vpass app and add their personal details including name, address and ID. By verifying their identity, they can access more features on the app. Users can get their test kits once they successfully register, and all they need to do is record and verify the test through Artificial Intelligence in the app. As they take the test they are walked through the process step by step through a video guide to ensure accuracy.

The results of their test are uploaded to the Vpass app via a QR code, which generates a colour-coded Vpass based on their status: red (positive test), green (the first 24 hours of a negative test) or blue (the second 24 hours of a negative test).

The app shows locations of the nearest outlets that are Vpass safe, notifies users when they have come in contact with somebody who has tested positive, and will advise on next steps when a positive test result is produced.

In addition to personal use, there’s also the availability of a Vpass Enterprise Dashboard for businesses. Companies can use Vpass Enterprise Dashboard to track their employees to make sure they are Covid Safe. Through AI, Vpass ensures all employees perform and obtain the test accurately.

AxialHealth is backed by Skymind, an AI ecosystem builder that launched in the UK this year. It recently unveiled an $800 million fund to support AI startups and research across Europe and Asia.

Commenting on Vpass, Shawn Tan, CEO of Skymind, said: “The entire world is facing an unprecedented crisis as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. We can only overcome such a threat by working together to find and share solutions that can save lives. We are proud to announce the partnership of Vpass because it will enable better, more efficient tracking and use artificial intelligence as a positive force to protect people’s health and livelihoods.”

The launch of Vpass comes after the groundbreaking deployment of Axial AI, a type of CT scan that was used extensively around the world to help doctors diagnose and treat Covid more quickly and effectively. Using AI algorithms, the technology analyses CT imagery in seconds.

“Covid testing remains significantly expensive in certain parts of the world, which puts non-wealthy people at a disadvantage. This disparity in affordability is one of the key reasons why we’re developing Vpass as we want to make it as easy as possible for anybody to establish their Covid status and increase accessibility to testing. With Vpass working in tandem with AxialHealth, we can provide a more comprehensive understanding of potential outbreaks and take pre-emptive measures to curb them.”

Vpass is being launched in Malaysia, Singapore and Japan- with plans for global expansion in 2022 across various retail outlets and vending machines. The firm has also indicated that its technology can be used to provide detailed insights to governmental and health authorities on potential hotspots and outbreaks within certain sectors.