Our Portfolio

  • Blupulse


    blupulse brings the intelligence out there to the field where power or connectivity is a challenge, by enabling AI & Networking to run on a battery powered device for years. For now, the technology will be developed further to empower Skymind and its subsidiaries with ultra low power Bluetooth based solutions

  • Xpress


    An AI marketplace that focuses on delivering non-invasive plug and play AI modules for businesses that seamlessly integrate with SAAS and PAAS, making AI adoption easy and instant. Its technology was used as the primary UX interface for one of the most successful AI innovations last year: the launch of Axial AI.

  • Konduit


    Building open source tooling for AI deployment, monitoring, and supporting open source math runtimes for specialized AI accelerators.

  • Skymind Innovation City

    Skymind Innovation City

    Skymind Innovation City adopts A.I. innovation to propel economic growth towards a robust digital economy, a higher living standard and a better way of life.

  • Vecto


    Vecto is a hardware accelerated vector search database that enables developers to create next generation recommendation systems and chat bots that leverage common sense.