Important Notice

Restructuring of Skymind Operations in Greater China Region

Dear Skymind AI Ecosystem Supporters,

We hope this message finds you well. We are reaching out to inform you about a significant restructuring and development within our company in the Greater China Region.

Effective January 5, 2024, Skymind has completed a comprehensive restructuring of all business operations in the Greater China Region and will permanently cease all related business activities under the brand or company with the name of 思凯迈/Skymind. This change is part of our global strategic business decisions to better align with the evolving demands of our global presence.

As of the specified date, all operations in the Greater China Region have smoothly transitioned to a newly established entity, Sino Data Security Corporation Limited. The establishment of this company is aimed at ensuring the sustainable development of our presence in the region, and we believe this strategic move will strengthen our position in this rapidly evolving market.

Key points of the restructuring:

  • Cessation of All Skymind’s Business Operation in China: Starting from January 5, 2024, any companies registered or operating under the name of 思凯迈/Skymind in China will no longer represent Skymind's business operations, commitments, and transactions in Greater China Region.
  • Business Transition to Sino Data Security Corporation Limited: All business operations, commitments, and engagements in Greater China have seamlessly transitioned to Sino Data Security Corporation Limited in 2023.
  • Continued Commitment to Excellence: Following the restructuring, our commitment to providing excellent products and services remains unchanged. We believe this strategic move will contribute to the long-term success of our operations in the region.

We understand that you may have questions or concerns about this transition. To address any inquiries you may have, we have established a dedicated communication channel at [email protected]. Our team is ready to assist you and provide any necessary information to ensure a smooth transition.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding during this transformative period. We are excited about the opportunities this restructuring will bring and believe it will lead to a stronger and more successful future for our company in Greater China.


Recently, we have been informed that some individuals are impersonating Skymind China Executives in China and Southeast Asian countries actively engaging in discussion in regards to fraudulent investment activities. If you have any doubts about your encounter with personnel claimed to be Skymind’s associates, please do not hesitate to contact us directly at [email protected] to confirm their identity.

Kindly note that the exclusive official channels for Skymind's information are on this website domain, www.Skymind.Global only, and our staff members' official email addresses must conclude with 思凯迈/Skymind does not possess nor appoint any company/individual to operate any social media accounts in China.


Skymind 在大中华地区的业务重组



思凯迈 / Skymind 在2024年1月5日已完成大中华区的公司重组,并将永久在中国停止使用思凯迈/Skymind品牌或公司运营大中华区一切业务。这一变化是我们全球战略业务决策的重要一环,旨在更好地与公司全球发展需求保持一致。

截至2023年末,所有思凯迈/Skymind在大中华地区的业务已无缝过渡到新成立的公司,Sino Data Security Corporation Limited。该公司成立的目的是确保我们在大中华地区的可持续发展,我们相信这一战略举措将强化公司在大中华区迅速发展的市场定位。


  • 思凯迈/Skymind 在中国的所有业务即时停止:从2024年1月5日起,任何以思凯迈/Skymind在中国注册的公司,将不再有权力以任何形式代表Skymind在大中华地区的运营与业务操作。
  • 所有业务转移至Sino Data Security Corporation Limited:所有在大中华地区的运营和业务将无缝转移到Sino Data Security Corporation Limited。
  • 对卓越的持续承诺:重组后,我们对提供卓越产品和服务的承诺保持不变。我们相信这一战略举措将有助于我们在该地区的业务取得可持续发展。

我们了解您可能对此次过渡有疑问或关切。为了回答您可能有的任何疑问,我们在 [email protected] 设立了专门的沟通渠道。我们将即时为您提供任何必要的信息,以确保过渡顺利进行。



近期接到投报,一些不怀好意人士在中国与东南亚国家冒充Skymind中国高管参与会议及洽谈投资事宜企图诈骗。如有遇见任何身份可疑人士可以直接联系[email protected]确认其身份。

思凯迈 / Skymind的唯一官方网站域名为 www.Skymind.Global,本公司及员工官方电子邮件地址后缀始终为。 思凯迈/Skymind既不拥有,也不曾指定或委托任何企业或个人在中国任何社交媒体运营思凯迈/Skymind社交媒体账号。